Saturday, January 31, 2009


Somewhere around the end of July I took an evening walk around the White House with a friend -- a professional psychic healer minister fire walker -- I meet the darndest people. Well it was hot and there was a vender out selling these halters without a back that hippie girls wear. You know what I mean? Well he kind of convinced me to buy one -- pink camouflage!

Now I have about ten of them. Blue, orange, green crochet, stripes, beaded. My favorite is the one with stripes -- black and white stripes.

I swear people treat me different when I wear them, especially the Jamaican women in the safeway. More friendly.

These halters have nothing whatsoever to do with January. Which is what it is now. Which sucks except for the fact that there is apparently more oxygen in the air when it is cold.

While we're having a good time with the Obama's (saw Michelle yesterday at that restaurant!) it is just a hard, unfriendly, season.

Friday, January 30, 2009


The headache continues. Probably the beer and waffles didn't help.

These two sisters are my mother and aunt (see photo). They are prone to headaches too. One is a PhD in education. The other has taught science in middle school for 30 years.

They were in their 20's during the 60's.

When I asked them what their experience with drugs was in the 60's they said they tried weed but it just made them paranoid. Plus, they were overseas and "kind of missed the whole thing."

This is exactly what I'm worried about.

Right now I am missing: exercise, income, beauty, and success.

Success. Let's ask the snail his views on success.

Snail: Well there was the dead little neon I happened upon yesterday. Wonderfully fleshy.


Last night two ibuprofin. This morning, excedrin migraine strength. Later tylenol sinus extreme pain (love these sympathetic names.) I also took a generic claritin. O and many cups of fine Chinese tea. I believe tea will be the key to the search. Oolong.

I am being serious but this is of course, subject to change. If your search is like mine, the lightest moments seem right and the serious moments seem wrong.

So join me! It would be wonderful to have you with me. I hope you are a good listener.