Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sorry to be gone for so long. I could tell you what happened but you wouldn't believe me. Ok well truth is I was walking down the street after work -- on my way home -- and a big stretch limo pulled up in front of me. The window rolled down and this totally adorable little boy stuck his head out -- "do you know where the nearest Dairy Queen is?"

Of course I did. I started to tell him but he just looked at me blank -- "would you come with me?" This boy is ten, maybe younger. He opens the door and I see no one else is in the car except the driver, who is there alone in the front seat looking at me in the rear view mirror. What the hell. I get in.

I know, just getting into an unknown car seems like a baaaaaaaad idea. Especially me and my Bad Life Choices. And it's true at this point I don't know if this is as safe as it seems. But guess what, we go get ice cream.

Next thing you know I'm his -- what should I call it -- assistant? Mainly I kept him company. Yes I got paid. Pretty well actually. Yes I quit my job at the bakery. Yes this was a little like baby sitting for the rich and famous (I didn't know him but I guess he was in some movies for kids.) And yes he has since moved on and yes I am jobless.

But can I just say AWESOME FUN. We went shopping most days -- mostly for video games. His folks -- who were not even in the state the entire time I was there -- don't want him to do more than four hours of video a day. Ahem. Four hours seems like a lot -- does that make me old?

We ate grilled cheese and alternated it with spaghetti and that was it food-wise -- except for the DQ runs -- which were many. I never craved fruits and vegetables so much in all my life. I'm eating my second apple of the day right now as a matter of fact.

OK so that's where I've been. Playing with a rich ten year old for 30 days straight. I feel a little disoriented actually. Oh wait -- never mind -- I know exactly where this is -- square one. Again.

(Where are You by Rachel Perrine)