Sunday, February 8, 2009


Tonight Sunny had me over for hamburgers on the grill. She lives near the train tracks and there was something about the way we were grilling hamburgers while the noise of the train hammered by. Her dog was there too.

She recently got a piano. I'm not sure if her mother gave it to her or if there was some friend who didn't want it any more. This was the first time I saw the piano in her living room and the first time I heard her play.

I knew Sunny from a long time ago when we were teenagers in New Mexico. We used to smoke pot in the bushes by the river. She had a lot to do with my moving here and my trying to start over.

Sunny played me two songs on the piano by Beethoven. I've never actually had that experience before -- of having a friend play for me. It felt so peaceful. She looked smaller than her usual size sitting there at the piano. And the room also felt different while she played. Like the furniture and us were just there in some temporary way while the real room -- what we could hear there -- the walls and the floor reflecting the piano sounds -- was an empty shell that would always be there.


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